The IT industry is the most rapidly growing industry of the present era and people are trying to become more and more specialized in different areas of this field. Following the situation, most of the IT professionals have several certifications to grab better job opportunities. Amongst those EMC certifications are one of the most promising certifications and act as a ladder that takes you to success in the market.
EMC Certified professionals are in great demand these days and are preferred over other professionals in the IT field. If you are one of those having EMC certification, then it’s certain that you are going to have a very prosperous future ahead. All the EMC certifications definitely give you quick progress in any company and even if you are running your own business, you can see it grow and prosper like none other.

Value of EMC Proven Professional training and certification

EMC professional certification is more than a credential; it is your opportunity to participate in a global community of EMC Proven Professionals and to earn other exclusive benefits:

Quality assurance

• Maximize your investment in skills development and training.
• Amplified confidence in technical competence.
• Highly relevant learning to the job/work.

Develop in-house expertise

• Comprehensive understanding of broader IT environments.
• Capability to architect and design multi-vendor, optimized solutions.
• In-depth knowledge and ability to work with EMC technology.
• Deploy advanced features and functionality of EMC products.


• Reduce or eliminate dependency on EMC experts and support.
• Exclusive access to expertise shared within the EMC Professional certified community.

Keep Current

• No-cost update training and Proactive webcasts on new product launches. • Access and contribute best practices, technical white papers.

Demonstrate expertise

• Demonstrable validation of your expertise and skills.
• Play a strategic role by having up-to-date broad and deep skills.
• Create career growth opportunities.

Impact of EMC Proven Professional

• Increase confidence in technical capabilities, credibility, and respect by managers and peers.
• Increase credibility and respect by internal and external customers.

Connect and Collaborate

• Connect and collaborate with a world-wide community of EMC Proven Professionals. Share, publish, and be rewarded for your best practices by collaborating worldwide.

Be Prepared for EMC Certification:

There are several sites that are operational nowadays for providing the study material for EMC exam preparation. Some EMC sites are even free of cost. However, these free EMC certification sites are not the sole source of success. For ensuring success, you must approach some well-known and reliable study resource.
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E20-891 Dumps Questions | An existing EMC Data Domain

Question: 5

An existing EMC Data Domain customer wants to know the way to integrate Data Domain with RMAN to their tape library. How would this integration take place?

A. Use RMAN and Media Manager Layer to backup the application
B. Use RMAN with NFS to write to tape
C. Use RMAN with DD Boost to move data to the tape library
D. Use RMAN with dNFS to write to the tape library

Answer: A

E20-357 Test Questions | What are the default

Question: 5

What are the default settings for SupportIQ and remote access?

A. SupportIQ is enabled; Remote access is disabled
B. SupportIQ is disabled; Remote access is disabled
C. SupportIQ is enabled; Remote access is enabled
D. SupportIQ is disabled; Remote access is enabled

Answer: A

E20-591 Exam Dumps | On an Avamar server using

Question: 5

On an Avamar server using default settings, what is the maximum allowable operating system capacity utilization after which HFS check will not run?

A. 65%
B. 85%
C. 90%
D. 95%

Answer: C

E20-591 Exam Dumps | In an EMC NetWorker

Question: 4

In an EMC NetWorker backup environment, where do the metadata and backup policies reside?

A. Storage node
B. Backup server
C. Dedicated storage node
D. Backup client

Answer: C

E20-357 Test Questions | You have just completed

Question: 4

You have just completed the installation of a cluster. What is a recommended step to check network connectivity?

A. Ping each individual node.
B. Verify all nodes display in the web administration interface.
C. Connect to an SMB share and check for file access.
D. Connect to an NFS export and check for file access.

Answer: A

E20-885 Braindumps | How many VNX arrays can…

Questions: 12

How many VNX arrays can be used to source replication volumes for a single RP/SE cluster using vRPAs?

A. One
B. Unlimited, as long as a license file is installed for each VNX
C. Two, with no constraints
D. Two, as long as the amount of data replicated does not exceed the amount licensed

Answer: A

E20-891 Dumps Questions | An EMC customer uses an…

Question: 18

An EMC customer uses an Avamar server with an integrated Data Domain system at their data center to protect a number of Microsoft Exchange servers and Oracle databases. The customer also has several remote offices. Each remote office has a single node Avamar server backing up the local clients. All backups from the remote offices are replicated to the data center.
Following an acquisition, the company needs to add 10 new remote offices to its Avamar data protection solution. Three of these offices host Oracle databases with approximately 8 TB in size. All backup data from the remote sites need to be replicated to the primary data center while keeping the data traffic on the WAN to a minimum. They also want to maintain centralized management and reporting capabilities. Based on EMC best practices, how can this be accomplished?

A. Deploy an Avamar server in every office and an integrated Data Domain system in each of the three remote offices with Oracle databases.
B. Deploy an Avamar server in every office, replicating to the central data center.
C. Deploy Avamar clients on every client to be protected, sending backup data to a central Avamar server.
D. Deploy an Avamar server in every office, and Accelerator nodes to back up the large databases to Data Domain systems at the primary data center.

Answer: A