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E20-020 Braindumps

E20-020 Exam Questions

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E20-020 Braindumps | A company wants to build an IaaS cloud

Question: 17

A company wants to build an IaaS cloud to host cloud-native applications. On which areas should a cloud architect focus when gathering requirements for this cloud

A. Automation, multi-tenancy, and hardware availability
B. Automation, hardware availability, and policy compliance
C. Hardware availability, policy compliance, and multi-tenancy
D. Policy compliance, automation, and multi-tenancy

Answer: C

E20-020 Braindumps | A cloud design contains multiple hosts

Question : 16

A cloud design contains multiple hosts that are running a hypervisor. Each host has only two physical 10 Gb network adapters that are aggregated for bandwidth and failover. The physical switch ports for each host are configured as access ports. Each host will support numerous virtual machines and network segments. These virtual machines will communicate with other virtual machines on the same network segments. Why would overlay networks be required for this design?

A. Support for more than two virtual switches
B. Support for more than one virtual segment
C. Support for more than two virtual machines
D. Support for more than one distributed virtual switch

Answer: B

E20-020 Braindumps | An organization is developing a cloud

Question : 15

An organization is developing a cloud-native social-media website. The website will be written using elastic principles. When the website scales, it can add additional web, application and database instances to meet dynamic workload demand. Which additional resources will be consumed by replication as the database layer expands.

A. Public IP addresses, CPU, and memory
B. CPU, memory, and network traffic
C. Network traffic, public IP addresses, and CPU
D. Memory, network traffic, and public IP addresses

Answer: B

E20-020 Braindumps | When implementing QoS across a cloud

Question: 14

When implementing QoS across a cloud network, how is storage traffic usually prioritized?

A. Most important
B. More important than tenant traffic but less important than management traffic
C. More important than management traffic but less important than tenant traffic
D. Least improtant

Answer: C

E20-020 Braindumps | If the metering tool supports

Question : 13

If the metering tool supports multi-tenancy and integrates with the cloud portal, what should be considered?

A. Only permit local user access for security reasons
B. Metering tool should not integrate with tenant authentication
C. Metering server access should be allowed for all tenants
D. Role-based access for security reasons

Answer: D

E20-020 Exam Dumps | A cloud architect is evaluating…

Questions: 12

A cloud architect is evaluating an organization’s need to support thousands of virtual machine instances and some form of encryption. Which encryption type should be selected and why?

A. Storage array encryption to provide centralized management

B. Full file systems encryption to simplify key management

C. Network-based encryption to increase security at the cost of server overhead

D. Self-encrypting storage devices to increase security at the cost of increased overhead

Answer: B

E20-020 Exam Dumps | In a cloud design…

Questions: 16

In a cloud design, an architect has defined a separate trust zone for host management. The hosts will be running open source hypervisors. What should be included in the design deliverables to support this separate trust zone?

A. Isolated management network and a common super-user account
B. Separate PKI and encrypted CMI portal access
C. Separate authentication source and a preferred zone set
D. Isolated management network and a separate authentication source

Answer: D

E20-020 | Which authentication and authorization feature….

Question: 10

Which authentication and authorization feature is critical for service providers when supporting multi-tenancy?

A. Integration with external authentication services
B. Integration with external directory services
C. Portal authentication services
D. Single sign-on capability

Answer: A

E20-020 | Which set of general criteria should the cloud…

Question: 9

Which set of general criteria should the cloud architect consider when selecting a cloud management platform?

A. Multi-tenancy, API version, and cross-platform awareness
B. Hypervisor, hybrid cloud capabilities, and authentication
C. Geographic region, networked storage, and Internet access
D. Network storage, operating system drivers, and update services

Answer: B


At a bare minimum, new clouds must be able to access all the physical and virtual infrastructure within an organization—Windows, AIX, or mainframe; hypervisors like vSphere, KVM, and Hyper-V; as well as public clouds including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM SoftLayer, and more.

E20-020 | An organization wants to deploy a service catalog…

Question: 8

An organization wants to deploy a service catalog in a private cloud. What requirements are met by using a service catalog?

A. Ability for administrators to manage multi-tenancy
B. Ability for users to measure service performance
C. Ability for users to aggregate service logs
D. Ability for administrators to attach storage pools

Answer: B


Benefits of implementing and maintaining a service catalog include allowing an enterprise to track and manage metrics that represent the utilization of services and service-related traits, such as those associated with service supply and demand.

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