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E20-060 Study Guide

E20-060 Exam Questions

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E20-060 Study Material | What is a characteristic of…

Questions: 13

What is a characteristic of a TimeFinder Business Continuance Volume?

A. Emulation for the volume is different than the standard
B. Size of the volume is different than the standard
C. Must be the same size as the standard
D. When established with a standard, it does not require a mirror position

Answer: C

E20-060 | What describes the TimeFinder Software…

Question: 11

What describes the TimeFinder Software products?

A. A family of products that provide multiple point-in-time copies of data
B. A family of software that migrates data from third party arrays to EMC arrays
C. A software tool that will backup and restore data directly to tape media
D. Enginuity code that quickly configures EMC arrays

Answer: A

E20-060 | Which type of array is described by this statement…

Question: 10

Which type of array is described by this statement? PowerPath will reassign the logical volume to the secondary interface when all paths to the logical device through the primary interface are unavailable.

A. Active-active array
B. Active-passive array
C. Passive-active array
D. Virtual storage array

Answer: B

E20-060 | With unlicensed PowerPath installed…

Question: 9

With unlicensed PowerPath installed, what is the default load balancing policy for a host connected to a CLARiiON array?

A. Basic failover
B. CLARiiON Optimize
C. No redirect
D. Request

Answer: A

E20-060 | What is a TimeFinder/Mirror Consistent Split…

Question: 7

What is a TimeFinder/Mirror Consistent Split?

A. A Reverse-Split to multiple device groups
B. A Split between a Standard and BCV
C. An Instant Split across a group of devices
D. An Instant Split between a primary BCV and Secondary BCV

Answer: C

E20-060 | You are attempting to install Unisphere for VMAX…

Question: 7

You are attempting to install Unisphere for VMAX 8.0 on a server with the following configuration:
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-bit
Dual core processor
180 GB free space
The installation is unable to continue because a pre-requisite has not been met. What is the likely cause of the error?

A. 12 GB of RAM is required
B. 32-bit operating system is required
C. 240 GB of free space is required
D. Quad core processor is required

Answer: A

E20-060 | What does a Domain ID uniquely identify…

Question: 4

What does a Domain ID uniquely identify?

A. A fabric in a multi-fabric environment
B. A Fibre Channel node on a name server
C. A storage frame within a fabric
D. A switch within a fabric

Answer: D

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