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E20-324 Exam Questions

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E20-324 Practice Test | Three 500 GiB datastores…

Question: 9

A customer has the following requirements for their ESX environment:

Three 500 GiB datastores

One 1 TiB datastore

One 7 TiB datastore

Based on the datastore information, what would you recommend?

B. File iSCSI
C. Block iSCSI

Answer: D

E20-324 | Your customer recently bought VNX storage…

Question: 8

Your customer recently bought VNX storage array to consolidate multiple NetApp arrays. The customer has Windows and UNIX servers as well NFS and CIFS file systems. What migration tools are available to migrate the data from NetApp to VNX?

A. Open Migrator for block; rsync and emcopy for file
B. Open Replicator and MirrorView for block; emcopy and CDMS for file
C. SAN Copy and Open Replicator for block; rsync for file
D. SAN Copy and SRDF for block; SecureCopy for file

Answer: A

E20-324 | During your design analysis you have gathered…

Question: 6

During your design analysis you have gathered current storage configuration data and matched storage volumes with server data. You have discovered some inconsistencies with the collected data. What should the next step be?

A. Resolve any inconsistencies with the customer according to best practices.
B. Let the implementation engineer resolve the inconsistencies.
C. Note the inconsistencies and forward a redesign to the implementation engineer.
D. Resolve the inconsistencies yourself according to best practices.

Answer: A

E20-324 | A customer has multiple VNX Unified storage systems…

Question: 5

A customer has multiple VNX Unified storage systems. They are looking for a disaster recovery solution that makes efficient use of their limited bandwidth. What is a recommended RecoverPoint solution for this customer?

A.RecoverPoint/SE CRR
B.RecoverPoint/SE CDP
C.RecoverPoint/SE CLR
D.RecoverPoint/SE integrated with SRM

Answer: A

E20-324 | The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of mid-sized company decided…

Question: 4

The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of mid-sized company decided to virtualize their storage environment. From the interview, you learn that the company has strict performance requirements that must be met to create a successful solution. How should the performance requirements for the customer be determined?

A.On a server to server basis
B.Based on RAID and current LUN sizes
C.By gathering back-end IOPs
D.On an aggregate I/O basis

Answer: A

E20-324 | The majority of your customer’s servers…

Question: 1

The majority of your customer’s servers have highly utilized database applications that require predictable performance. What type of storage do you recommend?

A. RAID Groups with traditional LUNs
B. Storage groups with thick LUNs
C. Pool with traditional LUNs
D. RAID Groups with thin LUNs