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E20-891 Questions Answer

E20-891 Dumps Questions | An existing EMC Data Domain

Question: 5

An existing EMC Data Domain customer wants to know the way to integrate Data Domain with RMAN to their tape library. How would this integration take place?

A. Use RMAN and Media Manager Layer to backup the application
B. Use RMAN with NFS to write to tape
C. Use RMAN with DD Boost to move data to the tape library
D. Use RMAN with dNFS to write to the tape library

Answer: A

E20-891 Dumps Questions | An EMC customer uses an…

Question: 18

An EMC customer uses an Avamar server with an integrated Data Domain system at their data center to protect a number of Microsoft Exchange servers and Oracle databases. The customer also has several remote offices. Each remote office has a single node Avamar server backing up the local clients. All backups from the remote offices are replicated to the data center.
Following an acquisition, the company needs to add 10 new remote offices to its Avamar data protection solution. Three of these offices host Oracle databases with approximately 8 TB in size. All backup data from the remote sites need to be replicated to the primary data center while keeping the data traffic on the WAN to a minimum. They also want to maintain centralized management and reporting capabilities. Based on EMC best practices, how can this be accomplished?

A. Deploy an Avamar server in every office and an integrated Data Domain system in each of the three remote offices with Oracle databases.
B. Deploy an Avamar server in every office, replicating to the central data center.
C. Deploy Avamar clients on every client to be protected, sending backup data to a central Avamar server.
D. Deploy an Avamar server in every office, and Accelerator nodes to back up the large databases to Data Domain systems at the primary data center.

Answer: A

E20-891 Dumps | A customer has determined that…

Questions: 3

A customer has determined that they do not want to risk their EMC NetWorker temporary directory filling up when they backup their NDMP host. They have decided to relocate this directory. In addition, the customer has performed some data analysis and discovered that they will be backing up two million files of approximately 2K in size and 128 bytes in the name length.

Which NetWorker variable needs to be defined and how much space should be available for the NetWorker temporary directory?


Answer: B

E20-891 Dumps Questions | A customer has an EMC…

Questions: 2

Click on the calculator icon in the upper left corner.

A customer has an EMC Celerra with two 3 TB CIFS shares in their data center. The data center is equipped with 1 Gb TCP/IP network and 4 Gb SAN infrastructure. The customer has a requirement for full backups once a week and level 1 backups the remaining six days of the week.

Considering the customer has a Fiber Channel tape library with two LTO-3 tape drives that can write at a speed of 120 MB/s, which solution meets the customer’s 8-hour backup window?

A. NetWorker and shared drives between the backup server and the Celerra
B. NetWorker with both drives zoned only to the Celerra
C. Add a Linux storage node with 10 Gb NIC and configure DSA backups
D. Allocate one tape drive to the backup server and one tape drive to the Celerra

Answer: A

E20-891 Practice Exam | An EMC NetWorker customer has…

Question No : 1

An EMC NetWorker customer has just started running backups of their new Microsoft SharePoint distributed farm. They are concerned that their web applications are not being backed up.
What can you tell the customer about backing up web applications?

A. Web applications are backed up with the corresponding content database
B. Add the web application name to the save set field for the client hosting the content database
C. Create a separate client resource for each web application
D. Web applications must be backed up with a file system backup method

Answer: A