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E22-192 Exam Dumps

E22-192 Exam Dumps | What is required to synchronize the

Question: 12

What is required to synchronize the InputAccel Server to the InputAccel Database when moving the database onto a new machine?

A. Reinstall ODBC Component
B. Reinstall InputAccel Server Component
C. Run Data Access Layer registration utility
D. Restart InputAccel service

Answer: C

E22-192 Practice Test | An end user cannot create…

Questions: 11

An end user cannot create batches for a particular process on the system. The Administrator verifies that the end user was added to the Module Operator role and the Scan Operator role. What is the cause of this behavior?

A. The end user is not in the Administrators role
B. The end user is not in the System Monitor role
C. The end user does not have ACL permissions on the batch
D. The end user does not have ACL permissions on the process

Answer: D

E22-192 Questions Answer | Which modules are included…

Question: 10

Which modules are included in the eInput suite?

A. eScan, eStatus, eInput Client Console, and eIndex
B. eScan, eIndex, eCopy, and eRescan
C. eScan, eStatus, eInput Server Console, and eRoom
D. eScan, eRoom, and eInput Client Console

Answer: A

E22-192 Practice Exam | A customer needs a cost-effective…

Question No : 9

A customer needs a cost-effective solution for managing invoice separation. How can this goal be achieved?

A. Presort documents and separate Single Page documents from Multiple documents
B. Place a circular sticker on the first page of every invoice and find it with a HPA in Dispatcher
C. use Pre Indexing and the Folder Binding Index ability from Dispatcher
D. Insert separator sheets at preparation time

Answer: C

E22-192 | Which module enables end users to…

Question: 6

Which module enables end users to perform quality assurance on scanned images and document assembly?

A. IndexPlus
B. Image Enhancement
C. RescanPlus
D. NuanceOCR

Answer: C

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