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DES-4121 Exam Dumps Sample Questions:

Question: 1

A technician needs to install the OS on a server remotely using iDRAC. What is the minimum iDRAC license required to perform this task?

D.Baseboard Management Controller

Answer: B


A technician needs to replace a server component with orange tabs/releases. Which set of paired steps should the technician take to complete this task?

A. Power off the server Apply anti- static procedures
B. Remove power cables Cold swap the component
C. Cold swap the component Apply anti-static procedures
D. Hot swap the component Apply anti -static procedures



A technician creates two virtual disks and assigns a dedicated hot spare to each virtual disk. They also create a global hot spare. A drive fails on the second virtual disk what is the result?

A. Dedicated hot spare for the virtual disk replaces the failed drive.
B. Global hot spare replaces the failed drive
C. Copyback operation occurs between the (ailed drive and the dedicated hot spare
D. Copyfack operation occurs between the tailed drive and the global hot spore

Answer: B

Question: 4

What can a technician do to ensure that no malicious code can be introduced into any of the servers through physical access?

A. Set USB 3 0 to disabled
B. Set Secure Boot Policy to enabled
C. Set User Accessible Ports to disabled
D. Set UEFl Variable Access to disabled

Answer: C

Question: 5

A technician is installing a new server and is not getting any link lights on the iDRAC management port.They have verified that the cable and switch port are working.What could be causing this issue?

A. iDRAC has an Express license
B. IP has not boon set the Lifecycle Controller
C. iDRAC has been disabled in the lifecycle Controller
D. iDRAC firmware update is currently in progress

Answer: D



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