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E20-065 Exam Questions

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Which scenario would be ideal for processing Hadoop data with Hive?

A. Structured data, real-time processing
B. Unstructured data; batch processing
C. Unstructured data; real-time processing
D. Structured data; batch processing

Answer: B

Which graph structure would best model the relationship between job seekers and employers?

A. Bipartite
B. Weighted
C. Directed acyclic
D. Ranked

Answer: A

A marketing team creates a graph using a square for each data point, where the length of each side is set to the data value. The data values are 10 and 20. What is the lie factor of the graph?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 6

Answer: B

Assuming the node index starts at 1, what is the out-degree of node 3 in the adjacency
matrix shown?

Refer to the exhibit.

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

Answer: A

What are two visualization tools used for trivariate data?

A. Scatter plot matrix
B. Hexbin plot and heatmap
C. Scatter plot matrix and density plot
D. Scatter plot matrix and heatmap

Answer: B

Why would a company decide to use HBase to replace an existing relational database?

A. It is required for performing ad-hoc queries.
B. Varying formats of input data requires columns to be added in real time.
C. The company’s employees are already fluent in SQL.
D. Existing SQL code will run unchanged on HBase.

Answer: A

How does Latent Dinchlet Allocation (LDA) interpret a document?

A. As a single-predefined topic
B. As a mixture of pre-defined topics
C. As having a mixture of sentiments
D. As having a single pre-defined sentiment

Answer: B

Which HDFS feature protects against user errors causing accidental loss of data?

A. Encryption
B. Replication
C. Namenode federation
D. Snapshots

Answer: B

What is an ideal use case for HDFS?

A. Storing files that are updated frequently
B. Storing files that are written once and read many times
C. Storing results between Map steps and Reduce steps
D. Storing application files in memory

Answer: B

What is a property of a good color model for ordinal data?

A. Uses a rainbow-like color map for distinction of categories
B. Uses a rainbow-like color map for ease of display and printing
C. Uses perceptually ordinal colors with just-noticeable increments
D. Uses perceptually ordinal colors with linear, perceptual increments

Answer: D

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