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E20-260 Exam Questions

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What can you use to generate a list of VPLEX fabric initiator and target identifiers?

A. WWN Utility
B. Procedure Generator
C. Powerlink
D. Command Line

Answer: A

In a VPLEX Metro with Witness, which command checks the status and uptime of VPN, and returns the remote VPLEX management IP address and the witness public IP address?

A. shell command sudo /usr/sbin/ipsec statusall
B. vplexcli command cluster status
C. shell command /sbin/ifconfig
D. vplexcli command VPlexadmin show

Answer: A

What is the maximum supported latency for a VPLEX Metro implementation?

A. 2 ms
B. 50 ms
C. 5 ms
D. 15 ms

Answer: C

Which command allows you to navigate vplexcli history by string?

A. CTRL + R string
B. history find string
C. history | grep string
D. UP arrow key

Answer: A

In the distributed cache architecture, how much local cache does a VS2 director have?

A. 36GB
B. 64GB
C. 32GB
D. 72GB

Answer: C

What three elements are part of the VPLEX Storage View?

Top-Level Device
Host IP address

Initiator Port
Virtual Volume

Virtual Volume

Initiator Port
Virtual Volume

Answer: B

In which directory is a session log file created whenever the Management Console is launched?

A. /var/log/VPlex/cli/
B. /var/log/sessions
C. /diag
D. /tmp/log/sessions

Answer: A

What are key benefits of storage virtualization with VPLEX?

A. Ease of consolidations; device mobility; simplifying management; provisioning of multiple arrays.
B. Consolidations; point-in-time backups; simplifying management; third-party array support.
C. Device performance; point-in-time backups; third party array support; device mobility
D. Synchronous SAN extension across long distances; device mobility; and third-party array support

Answer: D

You present additional LUNs to VPLEX. Which command must be executed to make them visible to a VPLEX?

A. Array discover
B. Array re-discover
C. Array claim
D. Storage-volume find-array

Answer: B

How much distributed storage can be managed by a 20 GB logging volume?

A. Up to 960 TB
B. Up to 320 TB
C. Up to 640 TB
D. Up to 1.2 PB

Answer: C

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