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A customer is writing critical data to the pre-configured, default NFS share on an EMC Data Domain system for subsequent replication to a remote site. Which directory on the local Data Domain system should be reviewed to verify the data is successfully being written?

A. /ddvar
B. /backup
C. /data/col1
D. /data/col1/repl

Answer: B

In an EMC Data Domain environment, when are cage nuts used?

A. Square hole rack fastening
B. Rack-to-rack fastening
C. Round hole rack fastening
D. Tapped hole rack fastening

Answer: A

An organization currently writes backups to an EMC Data Domain system and then creates encrypted copies of their backups on tapes. These tapes are then shipped to a third-party offsite vault. They are now planning to deploy a second Data Domain system to a secure data center at their corporate headquarters as a replication target to replace the use of the offsite tapes. The two sites are connected through the Internet. Where should encryption be applied on the Data Domain systems to ensure a similar level of data security as achieved by their current process?

A. Encrypt the replication context
B. Encrypt the data at rest
C. Encrypt the data at rest and the replication context
D. Encryption is not required

Answer: A

You have implemented an EMC Data Domain system with directory replication. After replication has occurred, the customer notices that the space utilization on the source and destination systems is different. How can this be explained?

A. Difference in global compression
B. Difference in the encryption algorithm
C. CIFS/NFS is mixed on the same directory
D. Destination directory may be corrupted

Answer: A

A customer is interested in deploying DD Boost for their current EMC Data Domain system. They are aware of Distributed Segment Processing (DSP) and want to know the data flow when they enable DSP. What describes the data flow from the backup host to the Data Domain system?

A. Segmenting, fingerprinting, and compression occur on the backup host. Fingerprint filtering and writes occur on the Data Domain.
B. Segmenting, fingerprinting, and fingerprint filtering occur on the backup host. Compression and writes occur on the Data Domain.
C. Fingerprinting, compression, and fingerprint filtering occur on the backup host. Segmenting and writes occur on the Data Domain.
D. Segmenting, fingerprinting, fingerprint filtering, and compression occur on the backup host. Writes occur on the Data Domain.

Answer: A

As illustrated in the exhibit, which cable connects one EMC Data Domain ES20 expansion shelf to another ES20 expansion shelf?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

Answer: B

What is indicated by a flashing green SAS state LED on an EMC Data Domain ES20 SAS controller?

A. Connection problem
B. Connection established
C. RAID reconstruction in progress
D. Connection in process

Answer: D

Which two licenses are tied to capacity on an EMC Data Domain system?

A. Expanded and shelf capacity
B. Added storage and shelf extension
C. Storage expansion and shelf capacity
D. Expanded shelf and expanded capacity

Answer: A

A customer is integrating an EMC Data Domain into their Symantec NetBackup environment as an OST device. DD Boost has been configured on the Data Domain. After a few weeks of running backups, the customer notices the performance is lower than expected. On the Data Domain, which configuration option should be enabled to offload part of the deduplication process to the NetBackup media server to improve backup performance?

C. WAN Optimization
D. MTree

Answer: A

An administrator wants to decrease the time needed to back up data to a locally connected EMC Data Domain system. In addition, the administrator wants to reduce the amount of network traffic generated by the backup software. Which DD Boost capability will achieve this requirement?

A. Distributed Segment Processing
B. Managed File Replication
C. Advanced Load Balancing and Failover
D. Low Bandwidth Optimization

Answer: A

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