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E20-507 Exam Dumps

E20-507 Exam Questions

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Which device type can be used as a Gatekeeper?


Answer: C

An administrator has just migrated block data from a Unified VNX array to a new VMAX3 array. The administrator now wants to migrate the file data from the Unified VNX to the new array. The VMAX3 is not configured with eNAS and the administrator wants to enable it. What is required to enable eNAS?

A. eNAS must be installed at the factory
B. Obtain the eNAS binaries and install them
C. Use SYMCLI to enable eNAS on the array
D. Contact Support and have them enable it through ESRS

Answer: A

What is the relationship between Disk Groups and Data Pools in a VMAX3 array?

A. One-to-One; all data devices in a Disk Group are added to a Data Pool
B. Many-to-One; data devices from multiple Disk Groups are added to one Data Pool
C. One-to-Many; data devices from a Disk Group can be added to multiple Data Pools
D. Many-to-Many; data devices from multiple Disk Groups can be in different Data Pools

Answer: A

Unisphere for VMAX was recently installed and the default HTTPS port was used. What must be done in order to change the default port?

A. Uninstall and re-install the application
B. Overwrite the HTTPS port
C. Update the SYMAPI server with the correct HTTPS port
D. Default port must be retained

Answer: D

A storage administrator wants to install a Unisphere for VMAX server on a management host that does not have direct connectivity to a VMAX3 array. Which daemon is used to give this Unisphere server access to the SYMAPI server over the IP network?

A. storsrvd
B. storstpd
C. storapid
D. storevntd

Answer: A

Which SRDF/A feature provides increased replication resiliency from temporary spikes in write workloads or link loss?

A. Delta Set Extension
B. SRDF FAST Coordination
C. Multi-Session Consistency
D. Software Compression

Answer: A

What would the RDF device and Link states be after an SRDF Establish operation?

A. R1=RW; Link=RW; R2=WD
B. R1=WD; Link=NR; R2= RW
C. R1=RW; Link=NR; R2=RW
D. R1=RW; Link=NR; R2=WD

Answer: A

SRDF/A has been enabled between two VMAX3 arrays. Due to a loss of all RDF links, the SRDF/A session has been placed in a Transmit Idle state. What happens to cycle switching and the delta sets?

A. Cycle switching continues; Transmit Delta set count grows
B. Cycle switching stops; Capture Delta set grows
C. Cycle switching stops; Transmit Delta set grows
D. Cycle switching continues; Capture Delta set count grows

Answer: A

What can be used to minimize SRDF asynchronous replication from impacting SRDF synchronous replication on the same RF ports?

A. Use the symqos command to enable I/O resource distribution on the affected RF ports
B. Use the symqos command to set a RDF pace value for the SRDF asynchronous volumes
C. SRDF asynchronous and synchronous replication is not supported on the same RF port
D. Enable SRDF coordination for the asynchronous volumes

Answer: A

A systems administrator recently installed Unisphere for VMAX and wants to determine the available ports on the VMAX 200K. What should be selected within Unisphere to obtain this information?

A. System > Dashboard
B. Administration Tasks
C. Host > Tasks
D. Storage > Tasks and Dashboard

Answer: A

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