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A storage administrator needs to enable FTP service on an Isilon cluster to allow internal customers to upload files to the company. However, the administrator does not want to create individual user names and passwords for each internal customer. How can the cluster support this requirement?

A. Enable FTP anonymous access
B. Configure Active Directory to support anonymous access
C. Configure LDAP to support anonymous access
D. Enable FTP server-to-server transfers

Answer: A

What are the minimum requirements needed to enable the Global Namespace Acceleration setting?

A. 1.5% of the disks capacity must be SSD
20% of the nodes must contain SSDs
B. 2.0% of the disks capacity must be SSD
5% of the nodes must contain SSDs
SmartPool license
C. 2.5% of the disks capacity must be SSD
SmartPool license
D. 20% of the number of disks must be SSDs

Answer: A

When configuring LACP between an Ethernet switch and an Isilon node, what is an important consideration?

A. Isilon cluster side is considered passive
B. Switch must be configured as passive
C. Dynamic pool must be used
D. SmartConnect Advanced must be licensed

Answer: A

In an Isilon environment, which roles are required to provide full administration privileges to the cluster?

A. SystemAdmin and SecurityAdmin
B. SystemAdmin and AuditAdmin
C. VMwareAdmin and AuditAdmin
D. SecurityAdmin and VMwareAdmin

Answer: A

Traditional NAS storage architectures deploy simple two-way failover between two controllers in storage systems, such as highly available configurations. How is the Isilon architecture different in terms of system resiliency and availability?

A. OneFS enables each node to have a designated partner node for simple failover between the pair.
B. Use of client-side drivers can enable failover to other nodes.
C. Isilon clustered architecture deploys standby failover nodes to ensure the highest available solution.
D. OneFS enables each node to be a peer to any other node in an Isilon cluster. Any node can take over for any other node.

Answer: A

An organization has an Isilon cluster with 15 S-S210 nodes in a single node pool and 20 NL400 nodes in a second node pool. They want to implement Global Namespace Acceleration. Which requirements must be achieved before Global Namespace Acceleration can be activated?

A. All S210 nodes must contain one SSD drive
SSD capacity must be at least 0.5% of the total cluster space
B. At least seven S210 nodes must contain at least one SSD drive
SSD capacity must be at least 1.5% of the total cluster space
C. All S210 nodes must contain at least one SSD drive
SSD capacity must be at least 2.25% of the total cluster space
D. All S210 nodes must contain at least one SSD drive
SSD capacity must be at least 20% of the total cluster space

Answer: B

If an Isilon has been integrated into an existing Hadoop environment, what explains how the HDFS data will be distributed?

A. HDFS data on Isilon and computations will be handled by Hadoop
B. HDFS data remains on Hadoop; computations is handled by Isilon
C. Files are stored in a specialized HDFS compatible file system format on the Isilon cluster
D. MapReduce on the Isilon allows data to be distributed across both platforms

Answer: A

What accurately describes the behavior of InsightIQ with FSA enabled on an Isilon cluster?

A. FSA job runs at 22:00 hours every night by default
B. Storage usage statistics will be less accurate
C. A separate FSA license is required
D. Total number of monitored nodes capacity is reduced by half

Answer: A

How is InsightIQ changed when FSA is enabled?

A. When enabled, a Job runs on the cluster and collects InsightIQ data
B. By default, it runs every hour and monitors cluster performance
C. Enabled on a VM or physical server and helps plan SmartPools and file system use
D. FSAnalyze queries results from the last InsightIQ run and populates file system reports

Answer: A

An organization has a five-node standard Isilon cluster. Due to regulatory requirements, they need to build a compliance mode cluster using the existing production hardware. How can this be achieved?

A. Perform an in-place upgrade of the standard cluster to a compliance mode cluster
B. SmartFail two of the nodes and use them to build a new compliance mode cluster
C. Add the SmartLock license to the existing cluster and create some compliance mode directories
D. Purchase a new cluster as there is no way to upgrade an existing cluster or reformat nodes

Answer: A

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