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  • E20-517 Sample Question : 19

    Question : 19 Which Solutions Enabler host file contains Symmetrix status and configuration information? A. symapi_db.bin B. symavoid C. impl.bin D. symapi_licenses.dat Answer : A

  • E20-329 Sample Question : 20

    Question : 20 Which critical network elements are assessed by the Network Assessment Tool? A. Tracert, Ping, and Packet Loss B. Latency, Latency Jitterand Packet Loss C. Latency, Load, and […]

  • E20-005 Sample Question : 20

    Question : 20 What is the fault tolerance of a RAID 5 array, where n is the number of disks in the array? A. 1 B. n-1 C. 2 D. […]

  • EMC Corporation Analyst Rating Update

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) is getting a failing grade in the short term, according to the latest ranking of 3 companies market research,Zacks.The counter can handle an average rating of 1.68 […]

  • E20-598 Sample Question : 20

    Question : 20 What is a characteristic of variable block deduplication? A. Better granularity and more efficiency B. Commonly provided in snapshot technologies C. Small changes require all segments to […]

  • E20-594 Sample Question : 19

    Question : 19 By default, where are the EMC Avamar files located on a Solaris client? A. /opt/AVMRclnt B. /opt/lib/avmrclnt C. /usr/sbin/AVMRclnt D. /opt/bin/avmrclnt Answer : A

  • E20-547 Sample Question : 20

    Question : 20 What occurs after data compression of a RAID-group LUN? A. Source LUN is unbound from the RAID-group. B. The LUN is defragmented. C. Freed space is returned […]

  • E20-545 Sample Question : 20

    Question : 20 What is the minimum recommended number of disks in a RAID 5 group when using metaLUN? A. 5 B. 3 C. 7 D. 9 Answer : A

  • E20-517 Sample Question : 18

    Question : 18 Which lock(s) will be in place when a device is being swapped by Optimizer on a Symmetrix VMAX array? A. Back-end device lock B. Configuration lock C. […]

  • E20-329 Sample Question : 19

    Question : 19 The EMC account team has been asked to redesign a NetWorker backup solution.The existing backup environment consists of one NetWorker server and one storage node to back […]