The IT industry is the most rapidly growing industry of the present era and people are trying to become more and more specialized in different areas of this field. Following the situation, most of the IT professionals have several certifications to grab better job opportunities. Amongst those EMC certifications are one of the most promising certifications and act as a ladder that takes you to success in the market.
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Value of EMC Proven Professional training and certification

EMC professional certification is more than a credential; it is your opportunity to participate in a global community of EMC Proven Professionals and to earn other exclusive benefits:

Quality assurance

• Maximize your investment in skills development and training.
• Amplified confidence in technical competence.
• Highly relevant learning to the job/work.

Develop in-house expertise

• Comprehensive understanding of broader IT environments.
• Capability to architect and design multi-vendor, optimized solutions.
• In-depth knowledge and ability to work with EMC technology.
• Deploy advanced features and functionality of EMC products.


• Reduce or eliminate dependency on EMC experts and support.
• Exclusive access to expertise shared within the EMC Professional certified community.

Keep Current

• No-cost update training and Proactive webcasts on new product launches. • Access and contribute best practices, technical white papers.

Demonstrate expertise

• Demonstrable validation of your expertise and skills.
• Play a strategic role by having up-to-date broad and deep skills.
• Create career growth opportunities.

Impact of EMC Proven Professional

• Increase confidence in technical capabilities, credibility, and respect by managers and peers.
• Increase credibility and respect by internal and external customers.

Connect and Collaborate

• Connect and collaborate with a world-wide community of EMC Proven Professionals. Share, publish, and be rewarded for your best practices by collaborating worldwide.

Be Prepared for EMC Certification:

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E20-517 Sample Question : 19

Question : 19

Which Solutions Enabler host file contains Symmetrix status and configuration information?

A. symapi_db.bin
B. symavoid
C. impl.bin
D. symapi_licenses.dat

Answer : A

E20-329 Sample Question : 20

Question : 20

Which critical network elements are assessed by the Network Assessment Tool?

A. Tracert, Ping, and Packet Loss
B. Latency, Latency Jitterand Packet Loss
C. Latency, Load, and Latency Jitter
D. Latency, Latency Jitter, and Tracert

Answer : B

E20-005 Sample Question : 20

Question : 20

What is the fault tolerance of a RAID 5 array, where n is the number of disks in the array?

A. 1
B. n-1
C. 2
D. n-2

Answer : A

EMC Corporation Analyst Rating Update

EMC Afterparty at IVY

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) is getting a failing grade in the short term, according to the latest ranking of 3 companies market research,Zacks.The counter can handle an average rating of 1.68 out of 25 analysts.15 market experts have marked as a strong buy.Three analysts recommend buying the bar. 7 analysts have valued the company on hold.Many brokerage firms on Wall Street have provided information on the actions of the company.Equity analysts from Citigroup brokerage maintained its rating on EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC).

The assessment has been the long-range neutral for action.Citigroup analysts raised their price target of $27 per share to $ 28 per share.EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) The average estimate for the short-term goal for EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) price is $30.7 by 20 analysts.The higher estimate price target for the shares to $34 calculates,while the lowest estimate target price is $ 26.EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC): On Wednesday emphasized the volatility was experienced by EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC),the hit to changes in interest price.

The shares for trading in $ 26.71 and $27.07 out in open mouth,finally,the session ends around $ 27, with an increase of 1.09% or 0.29 points. He saw the jump volatility trading volume 9,861,853 shares.The 52-week course is $ 30.92 and the company has a market capitalization of 52,436 million US dollars.The minimum of 52 weeks, the share price of $ 25.07.

EMC Corporation (EMC) develops, delivers and supports the range of IT infrastructure and virtual infrastructure solutions and services industry information technology (IT).The Company manages its business as three merged companies,each of which plays a crucial role in the provision of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) EMC Information Infrastructure and VMware Virtual Infrastructure Pivotal.

The Company also offers hybrid cloud solutions based on OpenStack technology, cloud choice with data mobility across multiple clouds, and new protection capabilities for born in the cloud applications and data. It also operates Spanning Cloud Apps in EMCs Core Technologies Division. The Company also operates EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions. The combination of EMCs data protection portfolio and Spanning services helps users to deploy data protection solutions across all applications and workloads.

E20-598 Sample Question : 20

Question : 20

What is a characteristic of variable block deduplication?

A. Better granularity and more efficiency
B. Commonly provided in snapshot technologies
C. Small changes require all segments to change
D. Most common deduplication method

Answer : A

E20-594 Sample Question : 19

Question : 19

By default, where are the EMC Avamar files located on a Solaris client?

A. /opt/AVMRclnt
B. /opt/lib/avmrclnt
C. /usr/sbin/AVMRclnt
D. /opt/bin/avmrclnt

Answer : A

E20-547 Sample Question : 20

Question : 20

What occurs after data compression of a RAID-group LUN?

A. Source LUN is unbound from the RAID-group.
B. The LUN is defragmented.
C. Freed space is returned to the storage pool.
D. Host I/O is restarted

Answer : A

E20-545 Sample Question : 20

Question : 20

What is the minimum recommended number of disks in a RAID 5 group when using metaLUN?

A. 5
B. 3
C. 7
D. 9

Answer : A

E20-517 Sample Question : 18

Question : 18

Which lock(s) will be in place when a device is being swapped by Optimizer on a Symmetrix VMAX array?

A. Back-end device lock
B. Configuration lock
C. Front-end device and director locks
D. Front-end device and back-end device locks

Answer : A

E20-329 Sample Question : 19

Question : 19

The EMC account team has been asked to redesign a NetWorker backup solution.The existing backup environment consists of one NetWorker server and one storage node to back up approximately 80 clients.Over time, the amount of data increased, resulting in daily backups taking more than 24 hours to complete.Analysis has determined that the tape infrastructure and the network are not the bottleneck. What would you recommend to improve the backup performance with minimal costs?

A. Add a storage node and balance the clients across the storage nodes
B. Add an EMC NetWorker server and balance the clients across the EMC NetWorker servers
C. Configure the existing storage node as a dedicated storage node
D. Change the backup schedules so that they start as different times during the day

Answer : A