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  • E20-005 Sample Question : 19

    Question : 19 Which disk connectivity option supports the highest data transfer rate? A. SATA B. SCSI C. IDE D. ATA Answer : A

  • EMC: Keeping Core Technologies Fresh, Active and Relevant

    Large IT vendors cut a large swath in the markets, products and services that they offer, but they also need to respond to emerging market trends in order to grow […]

  • E20-598 Sample Question : 19

    Question : 19 How many simultaneous client connections per node will an EMC Avamar server support? A. 10 B. 15 C. 18 D. 25 Answer : C

  • E20-594 Sample Question : 18

    Question : 18 How would you verify that the processes required to perform a backup are running on the EMC Avamar Windows client? A. Services B. Task Manager C. Control […]

  • E20-547 Sample Question : 19

    Question : 19 An administrator tries to modify the quota settings on a CIFS share using a Windows 2000 server, but the Quota tab does not exist in the network […]

  • E20-545 Sample Question : 19

    Question : 19 A customer is concerned with the time it takes to expand a metaLUN. Currently the customer has a striped metaLUN composed of five components, and wants to […]

  • E20-517 Sample Question : 17

    Question : 17 Under which conditions will Enginuity remove the Consistency Exempt attribute from the RDF mirror? A. Moving RDF pairs B. Creating RDF pairs C. Splitting RDF pairs D. […]

  • E20-329 Sample Question : 18

    Question : 18 A customer is using Data Protection Advisor (DPA) to monitor their backup environment.What is a benefit of using remote Collectors? A. Reduces the amount of information being […]

  • E20-005 Sample Question : 18

    Question : 18 What is an example of a PCI connection? A. Parallel interface between a disk and the controller card B. Interconnection between a CPU and network card C. […]

  • E20-598 Sample Question : 18

    Question : 18 Which tool is used to move a client to a new domain in EMC Avamar 6.0? A. Client Manager B. Activation Manager C. Enterprise Manager D. Installation […]