The IT industry is the most rapidly growing industry of the present era and people are trying to become more and more specialized in different areas of this field. Following the situation, most of the IT professionals have several certifications to grab better job opportunities. Amongst those EMC certifications are one of the most promising certifications and act as a ladder that takes you to success in the market.
EMC Certified professionals are in great demand these days and are preferred over other professionals in the IT field. If you are one of those having EMC certification, then it’s certain that you are going to have a very prosperous future ahead. All the EMC certifications definitely give you quick progress in any company and even if you are running your own business, you can see it grow and prosper like none other.

Value of EMC Proven Professional training and certification

EMC professional certification is more than a credential; it is your opportunity to participate in a global community of EMC Proven Professionals and to earn other exclusive benefits:

Quality assurance

• Maximize your investment in skills development and training.
• Amplified confidence in technical competence.
• Highly relevant learning to the job/work.

Develop in-house expertise

• Comprehensive understanding of broader IT environments.
• Capability to architect and design multi-vendor, optimized solutions.
• In-depth knowledge and ability to work with EMC technology.
• Deploy advanced features and functionality of EMC products.


• Reduce or eliminate dependency on EMC experts and support.
• Exclusive access to expertise shared within the EMC Professional certified community.

Keep Current

• No-cost update training and Proactive webcasts on new product launches. • Access and contribute best practices, technical white papers.

Demonstrate expertise

• Demonstrable validation of your expertise and skills.
• Play a strategic role by having up-to-date broad and deep skills.
• Create career growth opportunities.

Impact of EMC Proven Professional

• Increase confidence in technical capabilities, credibility, and respect by managers and peers.
• Increase credibility and respect by internal and external customers.

Connect and Collaborate

• Connect and collaborate with a world-wide community of EMC Proven Professionals. Share, publish, and be rewarded for your best practices by collaborating worldwide.

Be Prepared for EMC Certification:

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E20-005 Sample Question : 19

Question : 19

Which disk connectivity option supports the highest data transfer rate?


Answer : A

EMC: Keeping Core Technologies Fresh, Active and Relevant


Large IT vendors cut a large swath in the markets, products and services that they offer, but they also need to respond to emerging market trends in order to grow and prosper. Every large vendor has a heritage that serves as a mental anchor for outside observers. In the case of EMC, storage is the first word to pop to mind.Let’s sees briefly how EMC is keeping its core technologies fresh, active and relevant in light of the company’s recent EMC World 2015 customer and partner conference.

XtremIO 4.0

Flash Memory Arrays are not more products as they are not long enough to qualify.But they fit well both in the continuum of storage industry and heritage.EMC has to qualify a long history of pushing the hottest new technologies in the storage market with great success,and the company XtremIO Flash security solutions in this regard.XtremIO to attract customers storage units called bricks and group. Although it can start with as little as 5 TB, 10 TB or 20 TB X-bricks are the usual starting point.

With the new 4.0 XtremIO EMC now offers 40 TB X-bricks with the capacity to a total capacity of 320 TB Cluster together up to 8 of them.The scale is linear and,on top,the system supports 1.2M mixed (ie, reading and writing) and reading 2M IOPS IOPS while latency is less than 1 ms.XtremIO distributed cluster management allows multi-rack configurations,providing IT flexibility for planning their data center footprint.Its ability to support up to 16 simultaneous failures SSD shows XtremIO enterprise-class resilience. In general,these capabilities make EMC can use 4.0 Company XtremIO as the centerpiece for the storage of total production in the datacenter,and not only to specific applications for all-Flash solution.


VMAX 3 current is (last year) EMC incarnation of its flagship platform, enterprise-class storage.VMAX3 is the first VMAX platform for independent software data services, reflecting and snapshots from the bowels of the storage hardware itself.This is a change in a significant and powerful architecture. Why? For years, one of the great strengths of Enterprise-Class Storage EMC has its data services software, such as SRDF (synchronous Remote Data Facility).Users tend to swear by these offers,but services were closely coupled with EMC hardware,meaning that it can not be used with other storage platforms.

The introduction of FAST.X software on VMAX3 changes all that since FAST.X automates the movement of data to storage tiers across the data center, regardless of platform, as well as to the public cloud. In other words, EMC VMAX3 data services can be extended across all of a company’s storage assets. For example, VMAX3 tiering to XtremIO with FAST.X brings the data services that enable enterprise-class RAS (Reliability Availability Serviceability) along with service level objective (SLO) management to a high-performance environment. What a good deal for IT to now is able to leverage all those years of investment by EMC in data services in all-flash arrays. What a good deal for EMC, as well, since this approach gives users a further rationale for acquiring all-flash arrays for enterprise-class production storage and a further reason to remain committed to EMC.


That’s not all. VMAX 3 levels of public or private cloud FAST.X matrix and EMC Cloud offers goods/storage, ie storage, greater scalability and lower cost brings the benefits of cloud capacity.An IT organization can now leverage the same management platform associated data services across three main levels of high performance storage,storage traditional production and storage capacity,which manages to be better and consolidated the storage workloads.And EMC can not keep a disgruntled cat bird seat with respect to the two hottest trends in storage arrays and cloud storage,and allow your eyes in the area of V-Max storage for business applications equitable all-flash.

Mesabi Musings

With investments in virtualization (VMware),security (RSA) and other areas,on EMC is a storage company only long gone.That was in EMC World 2015 very clearly,but does not mean that EMC storage neglected their heritage.In fact,with the continued success of XtremIO,many within EMC should again feel young, as it was the heyday of the Enterprise and Midrange EMC storage and stuck on a winning horse.But EMC still relevant existing technologies.By decoupling data services software for your hardware VMAX,EMC a page from the playbook of storage software defined has made.This uses the EMC data services with two of the latest trends in storage arrays now all flash memory and cloud storage,maintaining a leading position in enterprise-class storage.

E20-598 Sample Question : 19

Question : 19

How many simultaneous client connections per node will an EMC Avamar server support?

A. 10
B. 15
C. 18
D. 25

Answer : C

E20-594 Sample Question : 18

Question : 18

How would you verify that the processes required to perform a backup are running on the EMC Avamar Windows client?

A. Services
B. Task Manager
C. Control Panel
D. Avamar client interface

Answer : B

E20-547 Sample Question : 19

Question : 19

An administrator tries to modify the quota settings on a CIFS share using a Windows 2000 server, but the Quota tab does not exist in the network drive properties.What could be a possible cause?

A. Exporting is implemented at the file system subdirectory level on VNX OE for File.
B. Windows users cannot modify the quota settings.
C. The user does not have administrator privileges on this share.
D. Quotas can be managed only with Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.

Answer : A

E20-545 Sample Question : 19

Question : 19

A customer is concerned with the time it takes to expand a metaLUN. Currently the customer has a striped metaLUN composed of five components, and wants to expand it quickly while still having the best possible performance.Which solution would you recommend?

A. Create a hybrid metaLUN with another striped metaLUN made from five different RAID groups.
B. Expand the metaLUN by striping another five components on the same RAID groups.
C. Expand the metaLUN by striping another component on a different RAID group.
D. Expand the metaLUN by concatenating another five LUNs from different RAID groups.

Answer : A

E20-517 Sample Question : 17

Question : 17

Under which conditions will Enginuity remove the Consistency Exempt attribute from the RDF mirror?

A. Moving RDF pairs
B. Creating RDF pairs
C. Splitting RDF pairs
D. Suspending RDF pairs

Answer : A

E20-329 Sample Question : 18

Question : 18

A customer is using Data Protection Advisor (DPA) to monitor their backup environment.What is a benefit of using remote Collectors?

A. Reduces the amount of information being transferred to the DPA server
B. Collects system-related statistics for a given host
C. Improves the collection performance of backup statistics
D. Provides more complete backup reports

Answer : B

E20-005 Sample Question : 18

Question : 18

What is an example of a PCI connection?

A. Parallel interface between a disk and the controller card
B. Interconnection between a CPU and network card
C. Serial connection between a disk and the controller card
D. Interconnection between a tape drive and a computer

Answer : B

E20-598 Sample Question : 18

Question : 18

Which tool is used to move a client to a new domain in EMC Avamar 6.0?

A. Client Manager
B. Activation Manager
C. Enterprise Manager
D. Installation Manager

Answer : A