The IT industry is the most rapidly growing industry of the present era and people are trying to become more and more specialized in different areas of this field. Following the situation, most of the IT professionals have several certifications to grab better job opportunities. Amongst those EMC certifications are one of the most promising certifications and act as a ladder that takes you to success in the market.
EMC Certified professionals are in great demand these days and are preferred over other professionals in the IT field. If you are one of those having EMC certification, then it’s certain that you are going to have a very prosperous future ahead. All the EMC certifications definitely give you quick progress in any company and even if you are running your own business, you can see it grow and prosper like none other.

Value of EMC Proven Professional training and certification

EMC professional certification is more than a credential; it is your opportunity to participate in a global community of EMC Proven Professionals and to earn other exclusive benefits:

Quality assurance

• Maximize your investment in skills development and training.
• Amplified confidence in technical competence.
• Highly relevant learning to the job/work.

Develop in-house expertise

• Comprehensive understanding of broader IT environments.
• Capability to architect and design multi-vendor, optimized solutions.
• In-depth knowledge and ability to work with EMC technology.
• Deploy advanced features and functionality of EMC products.


• Reduce or eliminate dependency on EMC experts and support.
• Exclusive access to expertise shared within the EMC Professional certified community.

Keep Current

• No-cost update training and Proactive webcasts on new product launches. • Access and contribute best practices, technical white papers.

Demonstrate expertise

• Demonstrable validation of your expertise and skills.
• Play a strategic role by having up-to-date broad and deep skills.
• Create career growth opportunities.

Impact of EMC Proven Professional

• Increase confidence in technical capabilities, credibility, and respect by managers and peers.
• Increase credibility and respect by internal and external customers.

Connect and Collaborate

• Connect and collaborate with a world-wide community of EMC Proven Professionals. Share, publish, and be rewarded for your best practices by collaborating worldwide.

Be Prepared for EMC Certification:

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E20-005 Sample Question : 5

Question : 5

What is the primary reason for having disaster recovery backups?

A. To restore data from an alternate site due to data loss at a primary site
B. To restore data when data loss or logical corruptions occur during routine processing
C. To restore data that was archived for regulatory compliance
D. To restore data when data loss occurs due to minor hardware component failures

Answer : A

EMC’s All-In-One Compute Appliance Comes With An App Store

Converged Infrastructure unit is designed for ease of use, and the latest product from EMC emulates the simplest tech toys around include an application store. You will not be able to download able games or applications for blue VSPEX photos, but you’ll have a number of applications for the computer system, integrated network storage, and including backup and recovery of data are available.


Blue VSPEX based on the VMware platform EVO-rail unit only software based VMware partner companies can implement in hardware systems. Dell, Super micro and other providers are already selling EVO rail systems. Built as in the high-end Vblock platforms VMware VCE alliance with EMC and Cisco, these systems include all components of the IT infrastructure of the company in a box, but for smaller installations and no adjustment in factory designed.

Convergent systems are designed to make the change more capacity you need as quickly deploy easier. IT organizations can save time and effort in planning, setting up and testing a variety of new hardware and software whenever the demand for capacity grows. A big blue more VSPEX is that you can turn on and begin deploying virtual machines in less than 15 minutes, according to EMC.There are only two options when buying a box to 128 GB or 192 GB of memory and interfaces copper or fiber network. Each 2U device is equipped with four server blades and 14.4 TB of storage and is run by about 100 virtual machines or 250 virtual desktops. The platform can be scaled to a maximum of four systems.

But the simple purchase and setup is the card for all EVO rail systems. The most important thing EMC device is different from others is the blue VSPEX market, said Chad Dunn, senior director of operations VSPEX. This allows IT departments do not adjust the unit time to make a series of decisions prematurely, the typical process for Vblock and higher EMC VSPEX systems.This is much more than a mode of consumption and with Dunn. Blue Market VSPEX no Apple iTunes Store with more than 1 million applications, however. It will take a while to get there. Perhaps never said that.

The Blue VSPEX market offer only three applications where systems begin shipping February 17 EMC Cloud Gateway Array Let companies use storage in the public cloud in an extra capacity, EMC RecoverPoint point for virtual machines is designed to protect against interference application and VMware vSphere Advanced data Protection provides backup, disk-based recovery.Future applications such as virus detection rates could tools or software, the capacity of the public cloud services to be acquired, Dunn said. You can from third parties, but all applications from McCall to be validated in the store are available for free, either probation or up to 15 virtual machines with paid versions for wider use.

In addition to meat EMC VSPEX Blue marker recognition systems to its own management software and EMC Secure Remote Support, remote monitoring of EMC and address potential problems before they can have happen, Dunn said. Blue VSPEX be sold only by some partners to determine prices, he said. However, systems priced compared to other products EVO rails will be comparable, Dunn said.

E20-598 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

What is used by EMC Avamar to provide system-wide fault tolerance?

A. RAID, RAIN, Checkpoints, and Replication
B. RAID, RAIN, Checkpoints, and HFS check
C. Asynchronous crunching, Parity, RAIN, and Checkpoints
D. HFS check, RAIN, RAID, and Replication

Answer : A

E20-594 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

The EMC Avamar backup administrator is starting an ad-hoc backup using the Avamar Administrator interface. However, you notice that avtar is not starting on the client.Where is the first place you should look to begin troubleshooting?


Answer : D

E20-547 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

Which failover software is strongly recommended for a host attached to a VNX array?

A. PowerPath

Answer : D

E20-545 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

You are supporting a customer whose VNX hostname has recently changed. Immediately after this change, the VNX administrators begin to receive certificate errors when they attempt to connect to the array. You need to advise them on how to regenerate the Control Station’s certificate authority and web server certificates.Which command should be used?

A. server_certificate
B. server_security
C. nas_ca_certificate
D. nas_license

Answer : C

E20-517 Sample Question : 3

Question : 3

What are valid device types of concurrent SRDF?

A. R11 R22 R21
B. R11 R12 R22
C. R12 R21 R22
D. R11 R12 R21

Answer : A

E20-329 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

An organization is backing up a combination of databases, e-mail, and file system data types in their data center to a Data Domain appliance using a single backup server. The backup system administrator creates separate subdirectories for each of the three data types under the default share.What benefit is provided by this approach?

A. Analyze compression with moregranularity
B. Simplify backup device configuration
C. Enhance performance of the database backup
D. Improve file system cleaning performance

Answer : A

E20-005 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

What is the interval of time between the creation and expiration of the backup called?

A. Retention period
B. Recovery point objective (RPO)
C. Recovery time objective (RTO)
D. Backup window

Answer : A

Market Update EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC)

EMC-CorporationEMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), said earlier today its management approved the restructuring plan. The plan consists of a “downsizing, to be completed substantially completed by the end of the first quarter of 2015 and the complete results of this plan by the end of 2015. The total load is expected that approximately $ 150 million 130M-, with total cash payments to the plan is expected to be in the range of $ 120M- $ 140M connected.

Analyst Watch

Of the 8 analysts’ recommendations about EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the consensus is a strong buy rating. 8 analysts rate the stock to buy. The goal of an annual cost of a consensus base price is $ 33.80, or about 17.85% to a negotiated price recently. The most optimistic analysts estimate its $ 37.00, of which the most bearish see the action to be $ 30.00.

Several top after analysts, the measures include Richard Kugele of Needham and Jim Kelleher of Argus Research evaluated. Kelleher has a buy rating on the stock with a price target of $ 35.00. Kugele has a buy rating with a price target of $ 33.00.Some similar populations include NetApp, IBM and analysts Dot Hill Systems Corp. has an impact assessment on NetApp consensus, a certain consensus Hold Buy rating on IBM and strong consensus in Dot Hill Systems Corp.

Company Profile

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), develops, delivers and supports the range of information technology infrastructure and virtual infrastructure, solutions and services for information technology (IT). The Company manages its business as three merging firms, each of which plays a crucial role in the delivery of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) EMC Information Infrastructure, and VMware Virtual Infrastructure Pivotal.

The company also offers hybrid cloud solutions based on OpenStack technology, data mobility selection of the cloud across multiple clouds and new protections born to cloud applications and data. In addition, Spanning Cloud Apps operates in Basic Technologies Division EMC. The company also operates the EMC enterprise hybrid cloud solutions. The combination of portfolio data protection and EMC design services can help with data protection solutions for all applications and workloads of use.