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  • E20-598 Sample Question : 14

    Question : 14 In an EMC Avamar backup operation, which process always produces identical chunk results given the same data? A. Sticky-byte factoring B. Compression C. File caching D. Hashing […]

  • E20-594 Sample Question : 14

    Question : 14 Which hash represents each data chunk processed during an EMC Avamar backup? A.root B.composite C.atomic D.file metadata Answer : C

  • E20-547 Sample Question : 14

    Question : 14 What occurs after data compression of a RAID-group LUN? A. Source LUN is unbound from the RAID-group. B. The LUN is defragmented. C. Freed space is returned […]

  • E20-545 Sample Question : 14

    Question : 14 Which drive type benefits least from enabling FAST Cache? A. Flash B. NL-SAS C. SAS D. SATA Answer : A

  • E20-517 Sample Question : 12

    Question : 12 A customer is implementing EMC VMAX array and is using the new management console for the Symmetrix VMAX for management and performance operations.How many eLicense entitlements must […]

  • E20-329 Sample Question : 13

    Question : 13 want to protect the Avamar deduplication node using replication. The customer has approached EMC for advice on what considerations they should take into account.What is a consideration […]

  • E20-005 Sample Question : 13

    Question : 13 Which software component of a backup application sends media metadata to the backup server? A. Storage node B. Client C. NetWorker Management Console D. Application server Answer […]

  • EMC Reports Profit Slide,Cuts Outlook

    The Hopkinton,Mass.,Financial expectations of the company The decrease for the fiscal year due to a persistent ballast exchange rates which may increase the cost of any product UScompanies markets.EMC CEO […]

  • E20-598 Sample Question : 13

    Question : 13 Which time zone is used on EMC Avamar nodes? A. Local time on the utility node; GMT/UTC on the storage nodes B. GMT/UTC on the utility node; […]

  • E20-594 Sample Question : 13

    Question : 13 By default, where are the EMC Avamar files located on a Solaris client? A./opt/AVMRclnt B./opt/bin/avmrclnt C./opt/lib/avmrclnt D./usr/sbin/AVMRclnt Answer : A