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  • E20-517 Sample Question : 10

    Question : 10 Which state should the BCV be in for it to be accessed by a host? A. Restored B. Copy on first access C. Split D. Synchronized Answer […]

  • E20-329 Sample Question : 11

    Question : 11 Click the Calculator icon in the upper left-hand corner.A customer has a database server with 300 GB of Oracle database data.Using the default hash cache setting, what […]

  • E20-005 Sample Question : 11

    Question : 11 A business has a recovery point objective (RPO) of nine hours. What does this RPO mean in the event of a disaster? A. No more than nine […]

  • EMC Pools Enterprise Smarts To Create Data ‘Lakes’

    EMC is leveraging its federation of companies to help customers build lakes of data storage EMC, VMware virtualization intelligence and large data Pivotal.The lake Bund Business Data ingest and analyze […]

  • E20-598 Sample Question : 11

    Question : 11 A storage node in a multi-node Avamar server has failed and a replacement node has been added to the grid. What is used to reconstruct the data […]

  • E20-594 Sample Question : 11

    Question : 11 Which mode(s) of EMC Avamar replication allows for many-to-one and bi-directional replication? A.Normal B.Root-to-root C.Full Copy D.Normal and root-to-root Answer : A

  • E20-547 Sample Question : 11

    Question : 11 A storage administrator is preparing to provision storage for a data warehouse application.What can the administrator do to maximize application performance? A. Use SAS drives to create […]

  • E20-545 Sample Question : 11

    Question : 11 What are the available Usermapper roles? A. Primary, secondary, and client B. Primary, local, and remote C. Local, remote, and client D. Active, passive, and standby Answer […]

  • E20-517 Sample Question : 9

    Question : 9 How should the control host be configured when using Enginuity Consistency Assist (ECA) for consistent activation of TimeFinder/Clone sessions? A. A dedicated channel to the gatekeeper devices […]

  • E20-329 Sample Question : 10

    Question : 10 A customer has approached you to advise them on how their backup environment will integrate into their new iSCSI application server deployment. Which network characteristic would have […]