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  • E20-545 Sample Question : 3

    Question : 3 In order to ensure that role-based access is enforced, the VNX storage domain has implemented two administrative groups called Auditors and Storage Admins. One of the administrators […]

  • E20-517 Sample Question : 2

    Question : 3 An application running on a virtually provisioned Symmetrix VMAX is bound to a thin pool P1 comprising 15K RPM Fibre channel drives assigned to a VP tier […]

  • E20-329 Sample Question : 3

    Question : 3 The EMC account team has been asked to design a NetWorker backup solution with the following requirements.One copy of backup data needs to be stored locally.An additional […]

  • E20-005 Sample Question : 3

    Question : 3 Which type of backup should be used to create a backup copy offline without disrupting I/O operations on a production volume? A. Cumulative backup B. Incremental backup […]

  • EMC UK Boss Defecting To Pure Storage

    Said in a statement EMC Director UK and Ireland managing Petter James leaves the company,the seller with sources say it so beautiful flashes Nemesis company Pure Storage.EMC CRN confirmed that […]

  • E20-598 Sample Question : 2

    Question : 2 For each file that is backed up in an EMC Avamar system, how many total bytes are added to the file cache.? A. 20 B. 24 C. […]

  • E20-594 Sample Question : 2

    Question : 2 What is the access mode of the server during an EMC Avamar checkpoint maintenance activity? A.Read-only during checkpoint creation; read-write for the remainder of the activity B.Read-only […]

  • E20-547 Sample Question : 2

    Question : 2 After presenting a LUN to a Linux host, which utility is used to configure a partition? A. fdisk B. Disk Management C. Unisphere Server Utility D. Unisphere […]

  • E20-545 Sample Question : 2

    Question : 2 Which protocol does VNX support for encrypted network management activities? A. SSH B. PKI C. IPSec D. LDAP Answer : A

  • E20-329 Sample Question : 2

    Question : 2 A customer has an operational EMC NetWorker environment using an Avamar deduplication node.They want to protect the Avamar deduplication node using replication. The customer has approached EMC […]